Done! All for Fred

We only had 10 weeks all together but we, or better Ben, did it! He fullfilled his dream of finishing a Marathon in a brilliant time of 4.56hrs!

It was a hell of a day – hot, hot, hot and runners along the way dropped like flies as the heat radiating off the tarmac almost melted our shoes. Ben kept his head high, swearing his way through and plugged along all the way to the Opera House finish. The heat was overpowering and only constant cooling down with water and drinking regular got us there.

I can’t repeat Ben’s comments made on the last 3 km, but a constant reminder that we did this all for Fred and helping other people to see again kept him going almost in tears to the finish. He was able to walk the few meters to the 1st aid tent and then collapsed in need of cooling down.

Lots of ice all over him did the trick and 30 min later he was all smiles knowing that he proofed many people wrong – people who did not give him a chance to finish a marathon. Having to go through life without the advantage of seeing is a constant struggle, a struggle we only can imagine.

Training for a marathon and running the race is not an easy task for anybody but for Ben it was constant, constant struggle and fighting. He showed not only me but to all the people who saw him fighting his way to the finish, that if you dream, if you believe and if you keep going – great things can come through. Ben is my everyday hero today!
Happy Feet

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