Fun and serious thinking for Fred

Last night, we had lots of fun but also some serious thinking going on at our trivia fundraiser for The Fred Hollows Foundation. Thank you to all the generous supporters who raised enough funds to help a couple of hundreds of needlessly blind people to see again.  We are looking forward to the run next Friday night. And if you have time, why not join us Saturday morning along the eastern coastline and cheer and support Ben – he will be walking from Palm Beach, starting Friday at 6am, and the team’s goal is to reach Coogee Beach by Saturday lunch time.

Thanks again for all your support!

Happy feet

On track for the trek

I got up early and enjoyed a pleasant run into the city to pick up my buddy Ben for some more training towards Coastrek 2013. After my 10km warm up from Botany to Paddington to catch Ben we turned around and went all the way to La Perouse back to Botany. Ben did very well keeping up the pace for almost 21 km and only cracked towards the end. Only 3 weeks to go for the big day and Ben certainly is confident for the big 100km. It will be a long day in the office especially if it is going to be a hot day like today. Tomorrow we have training with Achilles International and we probably hang on a few km running along the trek to help Ben memorizing the route better. Happy Feet