Big Red Run 2015

Big Red Run 2015

In June, 2015 my wife, her friend Mary and I embarked on the 1200-km trip from Adelaide in South Australia to Birdsville in South-West Queensland, where I took part in the Big Red Run, a 6-day 250-km stage race, beginning and ending at the iconic Birdsville Pub:

  • Day 1: 42km
  • Day 2: 42km
  • Day 3: 42km
  • Day 4: 31km
  • Day 5: 84.39km
  • Day 6: 8km run to the pub

Read my bog post about the adventure

A big thank you to everyone who supported Team The Simpsons with donations for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Where is Birdsville?




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The chase is on…

After a great run over the Sydney Harbour Bridge last Sunday with Francois we are both back to training to get ready for the next challenge

Francois’s injured ankle hold up well during our 10km race in 61min and I have no doubt that he will be in top shape for his first New York Marathon in November.

First however he will have to get on his tandem bike and chase me down at the Ned Kelly Chase.

I changed my start time for this 100km race to 11pm on Saturday night – giving me an 8 hour head start before Francois and his driver put on their helmets and start the chase. 8 hours hopefully gets me somewhere between 65 – 70km into the run so considering the tandem will be three times as fast as me shuffling towards the finish line there is a good chance for Francois to catch me.

The bets are one – support my cause, restoring sight to needlessly blind people by making a donation to The Fred Hollows Foundation, if you believe I make it to the finish before Francois or boost Francois fundraising for Achilles Australia, a charity close to my heart, helping people with a disability enjoying the outdoors running and walking.

Markus is going to make it –> donate here

Francois will catch Markus –> donate here

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