Ruin your knees for charity

Well, after over 2,200km, 240 hours and 20 weeks of training I am as ready as I could get, training at sea-level and without any mountains in view.

On Thursday, I am off for my 8 days, 260km run, what’s going to be about 50 hours and 385,000 steps up and down and around the highest single standing mountain on this planet, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

An average day’s profile looks more like a category 1 mountain stage at the Tour de France and together with the average 1,800m altitude, I guess I am in for a real challenge this time.


And if my knees are still holding up after those 8 days and since I am already 1/3 up, I thought I may as well give it a shot to the top of the roof of Africa – 5,895m, that’s only another 80km trek over 6 days….

I will only touch the boarder fence to Kenya on my run, a country where The Fred Hollows Foundation has been working for many years, helping restore sight and improve eye health access and services for the poor people living in remote areas similar to the one around Kilimanjaro.

In 2017 alone, The Foundation treated over 1,1 million people, including over 174,000 cataract and 75,000 trachoma surgeries and over 842,000 other eye operation and sight improving intervention. In addition almost 5 million people got screened and over 18 million people were treated with antibiotics to fight trachoma. In many cases $25 is all what’s needed to help restore sight and change a life for ever.

My run is dedicated to help the many more waiting to see again. Please keep me running and help The Foundation to continue Fred Hollows work to end avoidable blindness on this planet.

Thank you click here to change lives

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