Done (almost)

Well, since my skiing trip I trained hard and now with two weeks to go before heading to Cambodia I can say that I am as ready as I can be. Over the last five months I ran a good 250 hours and over 2,500km, demolishing three pairs of running shoes and consuming countless energy drinks and gels along the way.

And did I mentioned that I managed to loose five kiNutella 3kglos in the process even so I managed to finish five kilos of Nutella at the same time.

My last couple of runs along the coasts where done in perfect ‘Cambodian’ conditions – nice 30 degrees and high humidity.dsc00822

Now last steps are backing all my food and gear, do one more 30km trek during the Melbourne Coastrek next Friday and off I go.


You can follow my progress in Cambodia here, I have been told they will update daily the results and post photos on their Facebook page too.

And if you keen to find out how it all went, please join me for a post race presentation at The Fred Hollows Foundation. Purchase a ticket here and you will help restore sight to one needlessly blind person.

And if you caught up in the busy pre-festive season frenzy you can still do some good by supporting the work of The Fred Hollows Foundation here.

Thank you all for your support – it will keep me going for the 6 days and 220km along the ancient Khmer Path and change lives to many who need our help the most.

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