The race that was not

With Ben still recovering from his injury he picked up at the CPultra and the reduced training he was able to do the last 2 weeks I decided to do a race on my own and I signed up for the Glenbrook Marathon this Sunday.IMG_1516

The medal to be won at the end did it this time. I was looking forward to a hard run with many ups and downs in the bush at the foot of the Blue Mountains.

Also running without Ben has become a rarity this year so I was keen to see how fit I really was since my training pace has considerably been slower when running with Ben.

Got up at 5.30am all pumped and ready to go. Scooter loaded with the usual gear, drink bladder, gels, energy bars and some spare clothes.

Traffic at this time of the day on a Sunday is non-existent and I had a great run out to the West. With about 15km to go suddenly some stuttering noise from my beloved little scooter and in the middle of nowhere on a 4 lane motorway it died…..pushing back the scooter for about 2km onto an exit road and then it was waiting for the rest to wake up before I could call a tow truck to get me back home 4 hours and a few hundred dollars later…….the only highlight of the morning was Alex, my truck driver who as a child had his left eye saved by no-one else but Fred Hollows!IMG_1511 IMG_1515Small world sometimes….

PS. I went for a frustrating short 21km run along the beach at lunch time…..



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