Ben Phillips – world record holder

I have to admit, since my last post I was a bit slack in keeping you up to date about our running. Ben and I have not been lazy – quite to the contrary.

After the Coastrek in March and a couple of weeks of well deserved rest, we started training again, mostly to get Ben ready for his 100-km Oxfam Trailwalker in Melbourne with his team Tigers/True Belivers. Ben told me that it was not an easy trek either and for a while it was very cold, nevertheless Ben together with his guides Senator John Faulkner, Greg and Daniel finished the 100km in just under 29 hours. The time of 28 hours and 53 minutes for 100km is a world record for a blind trailwalker! Congratulations Ben, well done – looks like the hard work paid off! Here is a link to Ben’s story about Trailwalker 2013 in Melbourne.

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