2013 – here we come

Only 18 days into the new year, but we started right into it! Signed up my buddy Ben into a running group with Sean William’s SWEAT – that hopefully will give both of us some more strength on hills and in speed. In the first week, en suffered quite a lot, realising that at the moment we are the slowest of over 100 runners coming to the training. Already in the second week however, we showed improvement, and I am sure over the month to come Ben will catch up with the others. It will be good for him.

Training for Coastrek 2013 is on track. Did 175 km in the last 15 days and very happy that we finally found our 4th member! Team Run 4 Vision is complete: Denis and I are challenged with two Ironwomen – Sam and Melanie, and I am sure these two wild women will keep us on track for another great run along the coast in March!

We also have confirmed our Trivia Evening at the Randwick Labor Club on Friday, 22nd February. You can book your seat using above link. We hope to see as many of you as possible. Please join us for a night of fun and fundraising for a worthy cause.

The next preparation race is on Australia Day – the Knapsack Lap Race will be a great benchmark to see if my preparation for Coastrek is on track. Signed up for the 6 hours solo run. 5 km loops in the National Park near Glenbrook looks like fun.

After the heat last Friday, this weekend was great for training, and I am looking forward to Australia Day for some racing.

Happy feet

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