Sri Chinmoy Half Marathon

I promised Ben, my blind running friend, that we are going to check his fitness since he is getting ready for the 100km Oxfam Trailwalker next month. So off we went for a half-marathon in Centennial Park last Sunday. Was perfect weather and the course inside the park over 3 loops of 7km offered some nice variations. Ben obviously showed after the 2nd round that he had some lack of training but he worked hard to keep it up to the finish. We crossed the line in 2hours 24 minutes which, I have to admit, was faster then I expected, considering the rough terrain. Ben was only 9 minutes slower then on our last road race in May 2011. I am sure he won’t have too much trouble to finish the walk as long as he stays focused along the way. My buddies Denis and Trent did a good race and both finished in excellent times.
Looking forward to the next challenge – need a race on my own soon.
Happy Feet

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