$1,000,000 to restore sight to 40,000 people

Coastrek 2012 was a huge success. We trained hard to cross that line as first team but we also worked to raise money for a great cause – ending up best fundraiser team as well as best individual fundraiser with Denis. This of course was only possible thanks to your generous support – we raised over $15,000 towards a staggering $1 million, which will help restore sight to 40,000 needlessly blind people. To you all who believed in Run4Vision to pull it off and supported us all the way a BIG THANK YOU! We could not have done this without you.

The awards night was good fun and we were lucky enough to catch up with Ben and his team as well as Gabi Hollows from The Fred Hollows Foundation. We celebrated great achievements such as 18 hours of walk for the 50 km by the 4 visually impaired Achilles athletes, the fastest all women team finishing in just over 6 hours for the same distance and the fact that 1,300 fit people were able to not only train for this event but also raise over $1,060,000 dollars for The Fred Hollows Foundation.   Happy Feet!

Ben and his Achilles Athletes Team
Di (Coastrek) Ben, Bart, Nicole (missing Fraya) and guide Diane and Katy (missing guides John and Peter) 

Happy Run 4 Vision Family

– Overall winner of 100 km race in 14hrs28min
– Best fundraising team
– Best individual fundraiser – Denis

Run 4 Vision with Gabi Hollows

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