Long training weekend

Today I took advantage of Australia Day and went out for a 2-hour run. I almost made it back home before the rain, but for 1km – then I got drenched.

Saturday I went out again, a bit late in the morning, and suffered in the heat and humidity, but still managed 20km in just over 2 hours.

Sunday Denis and I went along the last third of the trek, again running from Randwick through Centennial Park and down to Double Bay. This time we managed to find the turn-off along Old South Head Road and enjoyed the jog along the Hermitage Walk to Watson’s Bay and then back to Bondi and Coogee. My legs were heavy and felt like lead, I had a hard time keeping up, and was very happy to jump into the pool at Denis’s after 35km and long 4 hours… All in all a good week with 80+ kilometres. Only 4 weeks to go so, the next two weeks are important to build up a bit more endurance and fitness. Guess have to stop eating those Swiss chocolates now for a while.

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