Coastrek Training Part 2 – Manly to Opera House

Today we ran the second 33km (which ended up to be 35km) from Manly across the Spit Bridge all the way to the Opera House.

Some stunning views along the way compensated for the many hundreds of stairs and ups and downs along the way.

Sam and Denis put on a blistering pace, which I with difficulty, and Andrew with ease, could follow, but after about 15km Katy and Trent unfortunately fell behind.

The long dinner and wine the night before had not helped – the longer and hotter the day became the slower I got, and at the end I had to walk more then I would have liked to.

It was good we did this part of the course, as we got off the track twice and had to backtrack. Something to avoid on race day for sure.

And the other thing is to check and time for the opening times of the Spit Bridge. Would be a tough wait if the bridge is open when you come around the corner, and you’d have to kill (or lose) about 10–15 minutes before you can continue your run!

Denis and Sam had enough of my navigation skills and are ready to head over a cliff …

I was exhausted at the end, and have to make sure I take more gels and food with me at next run to avoid slowing down.

Denis and Sam having a rest – still 10km to go.

We arrived at the Opera House after 4.5 hours and with 35km under the belt.

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