City 2 Surf 2011 – done!

Well, first test passed with flying colors! I can not remember a C2S were it rained prior the start. Ben and I managed to get to the start and kept as dry as possible wearing some old clothes and a rubbish bag over it. After meeting up with the other Achilles members prior the start preparing our shirts with the appropriate signs we managed to get ourselves into a pretty good starting position about 200m ahead of the other ‘green’ runners. With the 2nd gun at 8.10am we were able to start running down Williams Street straight away as the ‘red’ group already has disappeared in the Edgecliff Tunnel and the thousands of ‘green’ runners were behind us only slowly overtaking us half way down William Street. This was perfect start for us. The other smart decision was to carry our own water bottles so we never had to stop at the drinking tables and kept running non-stop from the city to the beach. A big thanks to Rael, who re-filled Ben’s bottles from times to times! So Ben and I managed to get to Bondi in a stellar 86min. An improvement for Ben from last years time of over 1 min per km! Great job! So now it is back to gym and training runs to get ready for the big one – Sydney Marathon! It is Ben’s dream to finish the real thing and helping raising needed funds for The Fred Hollows Foundation. I am confident that with some extra efforts in the next couple of weeks we will finish at the Opera House on Sunday, 18th September. Happy Feet and Congratulations to all C2F finisher!

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