Last runs in Sydney

Italian red wine, French soft cheeses and German bread is probably not the best food for a runner but hey, it was great to enjoy some nice food for a while. After Ben and my 1/2 marathon last month I enjoyed a rest doing absolutely nothing for 3 weeks….nice!
Last Sunday, finally with some warm sunshine and blue sky, I went out for a 12km jog for 80 min and sure enough I could feel those cheeses and custard tarts from the last 3 weeks…it was pretty slow and heavy going.
Anyway, the big news is that in the next couple of weeks I will have to run for the last time my favorite runs here in Sydney, soon Uli and I will pack our bags and move North to sunny Queensland. Warm Brisbane is waiting and the city seems to have a great running culture which I certainly will join as soon as we have found a place to live. Looking forward to finding new routes and places to run and train as well as meeting new runners and hopefully new supporters for The Fred Hollows Foundation too.
Happy feet

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