Running free weekends

I forgot how good those running free weekends can be….Italian Wine, French Soft Cheeses, German Bread and Swiss Chocolate…hmmmmm, how good is that! I just have to make sure I am not putting too much weight on before I put those running shoes on again.

Talking about running shoes – just cleaned-up my garage and got rid of some old shoes –> don’t simply put them in the rubbish but help someone who loves to run and has no shoes. I passed them on to Viv at Shoes for Planet Earth

I met Viv at a pre-Comrades meeting in Sydney. Viv and her husband started a great project. I used to give my old running shoes to my South Africa friends every time they come to visit Sydney and they took them home for the poor locals. On my last visit in May I met their gardener who was still wearing my Asics runners from 2006!

Now it has even become easier to make some feet happy!

I plan to enjoy my break now from training and relax a bit – I know that in a few weeks time my itchy feet will be aching for new shoes and a run – until than, Happy Feet and Save Running


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