New Challenge – New Frontier

Well, it has been a while but believe me, I have not been resting but clocking up km after km to get ready for my next challenge – a race where I will reach new frontiers. The Glasshouse Mountains north-west of Brisbane are a beautiful recreational area for hiking and my next race will take me around, up and down those hills covering 100 miles (165 km) !
Check it out – have a look at the description and course maps. I had the ‘pleasure’ to run the 100 km race in preparation for Marathon des Sables in 2008. A run which I finished in 14 hours. So in 4 weeks and if all goes according plan and preparation I am hoping to a) finish the run and b) do it in 25 hours. It will be a long day and night and this run will push me to the limit of endurance and perseverance, but knowing that me covering that staggering distance non-stop will help needlessly blind people see again makes it all worthwhile – so please do not forget The Fred Hollows Foundation. Support their projects and keep Fred Hollows Vision alive. 10 more years to eliminate unnecessary blindness.

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