World Masters Games – here we come

This morning I went south for one of my first 1/2 Marathon races for ages. Sri Chinmoy Sydney ( organised a great event down south at Dolls Point.
A week after my marathon at the Gold Coast my legs were still a bit weary but once the start ‘gun’ went off, I and Denis headed off on a fast 4.20 pace…soon we got into a rhythm and we crossed the first 1okm in 46.50 min, I just hoped to be able to keep it up.
Denis went a bit ahead of me and for the second leg I again used my ‘catch the next colourful t’shirt‘ tactic. It worked fine and soon Denis appeared again just ahead of me. Feeling that he is slowing down, I knew I am going to get him. Unfortunately I did sooner then expected because he suddenly pulled out with a calf muscle injury. So I had to focus on a new t’shirt and with 4 km to go, I suddenly ‘ran’ out of other runners ahead of me…so it just became a long sprint to the finish. 98min for 21.1km, good work for a Sunday morning and on track for the games. Now it is back to training for the next 6 weeks until the Mudgee 1/2 marathon in August – I feel a new PB may be coming up by then 🙂
Happy feet

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