1 week to go

After a few 100+ km weeks including last weeks night run, it was nice to temper down. I survived a ‘heavy’ bucks weekend in the middle of all these and today, after a very long night into the early morning hours (on light beer and water), I still managed to head out for a 10km jog this morning.
Looking all good for next weekend – hopefully the weather stays as it was this Saturday. It would be great to run in sunshine and enjoy the stunning scenery up in the mountains.

Since January I put down a good 1’200km in training runs, lost 6 kg and feel almost as fit as prior Morocco. So bring it on – The North Face 100 – we are ready! Finalised the last gear for the race this week and sorted out my 3 drop bags – since I am without a support crew (Uli very sensibly decided to stay at home rather then spend a freezing night waiting for me in the mountains) so I had to organise 3 bags with change of clothes, food, drinks – to make my race as smooth as possible. Of course the organiser have the check points filled with food, drinks and other goodies but I prefer to have my own with me – just in case I don’t like what’s on offer.

Can’t wait now – 6 sleeps and off we go!

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