Back to the mountains once more…

After an uneventful week running wise – sore legs on Monday and Tuesday, days I covered with cycling and stepper sessions in the gym followed by a great massage on Wednesday, then a rest on Thursday. Friday a short 10km on the treadmill. Today I was lucky to get a lift with Steph and Lena back to the mountains. We did once more CP4 to the Finish and back to the car at parked at the Oval. Just short of 40km and 6hrs later, we were glad the kiosk was open and able to serve us a nice, warm soup. It was cooler then last week and I can only imagine the temperature we will have in another 3 weeks time up there. The wind was freezing at some places and if one stopped, the legs started seizing up immediately…guess, that means to simply keep going on race day 🙂
Lead our small group of 5 onto a little de-tour on the way to Wentworth Falls – it was a nice track to start with leading to a great look-out, but soon it kind of turned into a jungle track were one needed a big knife to cut ones way trough – we almost decided to turn around (after 1 km into the Underwood) only to thanksfully discover a mere 10 m later, that we are back on the main track! It was also much softer and wet with the rain we had last week. Fingers crossed it will be dry on 16 May – would hate to run 100km in rain and cold wind….bring back the Sahara and sand dunes, I would say.
Glad that I did this last section of the race once more – it just will help to move a bit easier at night during the race, knowing what’s ahead of you.
Two more weeks of hard training ahead and then we will temper down to get ready for the big day. Safe training and happy running

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