2 months down and 500 km done

Well, after 2 months, 1 training weekend in the Blue Mountain and 500 km on the road I can say that I am back on track for a great running year to come. Bring it on!

The last couple of weekends were hard. Getting up at 5.30am is no fun, nor is running the first 10km in the dark – I normally only take one pair of glasses with me and those are the sun glasses, so I look like Ray Charles hopping along Anzac Parade at 6am on a Sunday morning looking not to fall over. But by 9am I was finished and could spend the rest of the days with my parents visiting from Switzerland.

In two weeks the famous 6ft Track is on the program and I will run this race for the 3 time together with a friend from work – Michael, will attempt this race as his first marathon and the goal for both of us is to finish and use the race a preparation test for the 100km North Face in May.

Someone suggested that we should come back on Sunday morning after the 6ft Track and race in the Sydney Half Marathon – I don’t think so…

Happy running

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