Last race on an empty tank

Well, that’s it for 2008! After a magic 7 days in the Moroccan Sahara running the famous Marathon des Sables I finished my racing year with the Fitzroy Falls Marathon. Last year, in prime shape, I finished this though race in 4 hrs. They say that a runner needs to add 30 min to his/hers normal marathon time – so was happy with last years result.
Today was a different story – with hardly any training done since Morocco I felt my legs missing a beat after about 28km and I was running like on an empty tank for the rest of the race. I had to let my buddy Denis go. The course layout came with a few out and back sections and I could see Denis fighting his way up those step hills – he really went for broke and his face got redder and redder each time I crossed him. Apparently his kids did not even recognise him at the finish….For the last 15 km I started walking the hills but continued running the rest and apart from one nice, young lady (which I was lucky enough to share the available bush shower after the race with ) nobody else overtook me and I hobbled into the finish in 4,5 hrs only 20 min after Denis.
So after my ice bath and some food I can now start reminiscing about the past, watching the just received DVD from Morocco and planning new adventure for 2009
Happy and save running

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