Slow but steady

The last 2 weeks after our Hunter Valley 1/2 marathon were slow – I started a new job and just could not find the time to run more. Still clocking 50 km a week, so hopefully that will be enough for the next 8 weeks until Fitzroy Falls Marathon Just found out that the race is 2 weeks earlier then last year, so I need to squeeze in a few more runs between now and end of September.

Bought two new pairs of shoes and was able to give all my ‘old’
shoes to a friend who takes them to South Africa, where
runners will happily use them for another few years!
I will probably find some of my shoes running The Comrades in 2010 against me đŸ™‚
Recently I am getting quite a few emails from fellow Aussies preparing for the Marathon des Sables 2009 and 2010 asking me for advise. Makes me all jealous to see them getting ready for next year – I am missing the desert, the excitement of preparing for that great race and I can’t wait for my next big adventure….
Happy and save running

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