First race after the desert

2 months after crossing the finish line in Morocco and 4 weeks into my new training schedule, I lined up for the Great Nosh 15 km trail run in North Sydney. This race is organised by the NSW Orienteering Association and offers a great run in the middle of a 4 million city through stunning forest and scenery.
Last week I was out with a cold and the lack of training was felt after about half of the distance when a steep climb stopped my efforts to a slow jog for a while…my tank was empty and togehter with the steep descents taking its toll on my knee I finished in 96 min. A bit slower then expected for 15 km but it is a start and I have time till my next goal in October.
I hope the weather will hold up for the next couple of weeks so I can enjoy some more outdoor running until my next stop in the Hunter Valley for a team (2 runners) 1/2 marathon. I signed Denis and myself up for this one as another preparation run for our race in October.

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