Missing the hard training

Today I went for my first long 25 km run in the nice, warm Sydney winter sun. Currently I am only running 3 times a week – one moring on the track, one morning tempo work and the long run on Sunday mornings, plus some swimming and cycling in the gym.
A change from my usual 100+km weeks but since my knee is still hurting I am kind of happy that I do not have to push too hard and I am still reluctant to get under the knife and fix the mensicus.
My plan for the rest of 2008 is to run a couple of shorter races and then in October attempt to run a qualifing time for Boston Marathon at the Fitzroy Fall Marathon. The goal is to finish that race in the forsest of the Southern Highlands in 3 1/2 hours.
Let’s see if the old bones are holding up till then.
Uli is updating the website and I am trying to get some photos and videos onto the site shortly to give you all a climps of our adventure in Morocco. I am missing the heat and sand a bit and enjoyed watching a few videos on ‘YouTube’ about or race last month. Check it out – just search for ‘Marathon des Sables 2008’ and you will find heaps of great and less great videos from fellow runners.

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