First run

Well, it was a forced run back to town yesterday, as I left my scooter back at work the night before due to a big night out drinking with work. Was quite please, not only with how the night went but also how I went the next day with a hangover – covered the 11km in just over an hour.

Today I hurt – never had muscle pain after such a short run so guess it is time to get back on track and proper training soon.

Unfortunately the planned 100km Oxfam will be for 2009 – the race sold out within a few hours and before I could get a team of 4 runners together. I will still try to find a spot in a registered team which needs a replacement if one of their runners drops out, but no big sweat if it is not working out in August.

There are a few smaller races and maybe one or two marathon in the 8 months of 2008 to run anyway. 2009 is my wife’s year and my running adventures need to be kept on a back burner as I may not be allowed to go too much overboard; nevertheless ‘Run 4 Vision’ will continue helping The Fred Hollows Foundation and there will be many opportunities to rise money for this Charity in the months to come. I look forward to watching next years Marathon des Sables from the comfort of my home….not.

Have been working hard on my Race Report and sorting out the photos so I hope by end of this long weekend I should be ready with it all.

Happy running

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