Day 2: 38km – Update from Markus

Dear all, first a big thank you for all the emails – keep them coming, they help sooo much. Today I took a different approch & powerwalked the whole distance – I truly enjoyed the day, took photos along the way & never had any problems – best of all I only overtook people all day long & finished with a sprint together with Josh just a bit over 6 hrs! Feel great and look forward to 2moro; 40 km with dunes & hills – bugger! We lost 1 Aussie today, Keith just did not have the strenght to get through the 42° heat – we crossed dried out lakes covered with million year old fossiles laying around – felt like walking in a frying pan! We climbed sand hills & ran through villages. Kids poped up in the middle of nowhere to cheer us on – our passing through must be the highlight of the year for them. The country side is magic – harsh, dry & unforgiving. 1 small blister on the right big toe & sore knees but in great form – just need to get the pack weight down & then I can start running! Regards

4 thoughts on “Day 2: 38km – Update from Markus

  1. Hey MarkusSounds like a hot fry pan. Perhaps you can focus on the cool temps just around the corner in Sydney (a balmy 21 degrees here today)while you battle the 42 degrees there.Today’s words of wisdom:The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Hi Markus! such a smart move to walk today…:) keep up the amazing effort.please tell keith that is made the right choice for himself and that all of us here in the USA send him a big hug. I have had to pull put of the MDS before as well.Really is all about what we learn along the way and what we do with what we learn.Remember..focus on the long day. One step at a time and you can only control what you can control. relax and stay as comfortable as you can, even in the frying pan!Go team!happy feetLisa Smith-Batchen

  3. Negative split. Way to go Markus!You sound strong. And that was a good idea to switch your approach. I think the fainting of yesterday was your body communicating to you. Great race strategy. Keep it up.I ran yesterday, good do be out again. The kids prayed for you during dinner last night. Over the weekend we watched Ms. Smith on the Badman DVD.Here is your task for tomorrow. You must think of days we spent “car camping” at the beach north of Sydney. The horse shoe shaped beach with the little curly waves. George was just learning how to ride a long board and you made cheese and cracker platters that were to die for. We slept in tents and swam out for long distances. Think of the sand, you are at a stretch of that sand now, but we are with you.Be strong.CheersErik

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