Only 90 Days to Go …..

2007 was a year which kept me busy: 3560 km training runs, 365 km /47 hours of races and 5 pairs of running shoes later with only 90 days to go – Morocco seems scarily close now.

Met another Aussie runner this week. Trent signed up with the UK contingent and is just getting his preparation into full speed. It is great to see that there will be at least 3 tents full of Aussies now in the desert next year. Ultrarunning is well alive in this country!

Had a few shorter runs this week with the Christmas break and all. Also, I seem to have injured my knee somehow, hurts like hell when standing up or laying down but not when running, figure that one out? Will give the Black Stump race on New Year’s Day a miss and try to fix this little annoying problem ASAP.

Looking forward to the fundraising dinner in 2 weeks time The restaurant is now fully booked and I encourage the people who have not confirmed with their payment yet to do this in the next days, so I know how many spare spots there will be, thanks.

A big THANK YOU to all my generous supporters during 2007 and my best wishes for a happy and successful New Year … with lot’s of injury free running 🙂

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