First Injury

Had a mixed couple of weeks. Got quickly back on track and started building up to a nice 100+ km-week again since Glasshouse Mountain … and PANG… there goes the hamstring! Never had a real injury before, but I knew enough from forums and chats with other runners that the pain I felt during my sprint training was a tear of the hamstring. Bugger … and just two days before my planned marathon in Fitzroy Falls, an important preparation race for the coming Great North Walk.
Anyway, after a night with ice and compression at home, I rushed to the physio, who did wonders on Friday. When I asked what next, he mentioned that light jogging should be ok … and since he did not say anything about how long and how far, I picked up the hire car and drove south to Fitzroy Falls.
After a freezing night (had ice on my car in the morning), I started the 42 km race with mixed feelings ranging somewhere between how stupid and why not – let’s do it and I jogged my way through the forest around Morton NP – a beautiful area and a prefectly organised race – and within 4 hours it was all done and dusted. Was very happy that the leg held up and the whole race felt like a jog!
The next day, as a cool down exercise, I offered to pace my friend Tasman during a 8 km fun run in Maroubra and he ended up with a new PB!
Today, the physio was a bit surprised to see my leg still so stiff. Hmmm, wonder why. I promised to be a good boy for a week – resting and doing the right stuff, but then it is back to business and get ready for the 175 km Great North Walk in 3 weeks time!

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