Halfway Point on my Way to Morocco

Since I decided to run the MdS 2008, I have already covered 2,500 km on treadmills and roads for training and races.
I have gone through 5 of my 8 pairs of shoes. I guess Stoner does not have that many spare tyres for his bike!

So far, I have spent $1,000 on running shoes, $500 on race entry fees, $800 on sports drinks and energy bars, $400 on massage and podiatry, $200 on socks and $600 on essential gear for the Marathon des Sables next year such as a

windbreaker as protection from the sand storms, a GPS to find my way, a portable solar panel to charge my GPS, a headlight for the night run, and I have started to test food I may be taking to Morocco.

But I still need a backpack, sleeping bag, all the food and compulsory equipment such as survival blanket, anti-venom pump, emergency mirror etc., so there’s still plenty of money to spend before I’m set up for Morocco.

Next race to get ready for is on Saturday, 13 October, in Fitzroy Falls for a Marathon in the Southern Highlands ttp://www.fitzroyfallsmarathon.com/

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