Just Running

After the high of the M7 marathon I had an easier week of 60 km. I really felt good after the race and the last two week were fun to run. I had a meeting with Sean Williams from SWEAT – http://www.sweatsydney.com.au/index.php and I am looking forward to joining his training and improve under his guidance.

This last week I slowly picked up on distance and time again and with tomorrows City 2 Surf and some additional rounds in Centennial Park I should reach close to a 100 km for the week. Only 4 weeks to go before the 100km Glasshouse Mountains Trail Race!

Got some great gadgets for that race and the Marathon des Sables – had to spend some heavy cash so. An essential tool for not getting lost: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=349&locale=en_US and a solar charger to recharge GPS and my i-nano. http://www.solio.com/v2/

Race gear such as a new super light but super warm sleeping bag http://www.buncup.com/commerce1/store/product_details.jsp?pid=104&cid=10&red=product_list.jsp?id=10, and some other
little stuff such as the anti-venom pump, bottle holder and head torch….

Once I have most of the gear together I will have a good idea about size and brand of the best backpack I need. A very important part of the gear which can make or break the marathon….and I want to travel light unlike some others at this years MdS……….


One thought on “Just Running

  1. Good to hear you’ve decided to come to SWEAT.You’re definitely ahead of me in the gear stakes. All I’ve bought is a hat and buff !!

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