"If you want to win something ….

… run the 100 meters. If you want to experience another life, run a marathon.”
(Emil Zátopek)

I am slowly getting there – last week I went the first time over 100 km. Two great, long runs on the weekend. Clovelly to Hurstville Grove on Sunday, got lost at the end in all those hills but did a good 4 hrs and 40+km.
Must have caught a little cold during the run, and I rested the last two days. Will take it a bit easy this week and then on Sunday we see how I go on the M7 Marathon.

Signed up for another big one: the Great North Walk 100 miles in November!
Looks like some great preparation for the Marathon des Sables, I thought 🙂

It was also time to fork out the first part of the registration fee for the Marathon des Sables … at least the exchange rate to the US$ made it a little bit easier to part with the money.

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